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Central Workshop


At MIT, we have well equipped workshop which provides all the tools and machineries required for learning fabrication works to the engineering students. We have large floor area to ensure the safety of our students and smooth machining operations. It houses the following shops to offer regular practices to B. Tech first year students and Mechanical engineering students.

  1. Carpentry shop
  2. Fitting shop
  3. Foundry shop
  4. Welding shop
  5. Smithy shop
  6. Sheet metal shop

Students gets hands on experience in the above mentioned workshops . This training will be useful to them in any fabrication work in their academic work and career. This practical exposure will help them to identify the potential Mechanical Engineering projects. Also, We have the following facilities as

Workshop Machine

  1. Shaping machines
  2. Planing machines
  3. Slotting machines
  4. Lathe Machines
  5. Milling Machines
  6. Drilling Machines
  7. Multi Purpose wood working Machines
  8. Open Furnace

Safety in Workshop

Workshop is under the control of a Lab in-charge, who is responsible for ensuring that the workshop is maintained properly and used in a safe and healthy manner. Only those authorised to do so are allowed to enter or work in workshop. Students are advised to comply with the requirements of the Lab in-charge whilst in that area.

Workshop rules for students

  1. Student affected by drugs or alcohol are not permitted in the workshop
  2. Notify the workshop staff of your arrival
  3. Ask how to use the tools safely
  4. Immediately notify the workshop supervisor of any faulty or broken equipment
  5. Clean up any spills immediately
  6. Keep your work area tidy
  7. Students with any health problems must report these conditions to the workshop staff

First Aid

All accidents, cuts and abrasions must be reported before leaving the workshop. Workshop is equipped with first aid kit.If an accident happens , it must be reported to the workshop staff and an Accident Report Form filled out.